Information & Pricing

A Step-by-Step Guide to Commissioning a Portrait


Initial Consultation


An initial consultation will take place via email, phone or in person to discuss a possible commission.  This would just be an initial chat to answer any questions and for me to gain an idea of the subject.  



Photographing / Filming the Subject & Pricing


Good quality photographs / film of the subject will be needed.  These can be gathered in a number of ways - I can visit to take the photographs / film myself, I can guide you in taking your own photographs / film via Zoom or Skype, or it can also be possible that you already have some photographs that we agree will make a good painting.

A range of photographs / film stills will then be provided as options with a range of prices according to estimated hours.  The following prices can be taken as a general guide:

 small portrait (face)

from  £2,250

 head & shoulders portrait

from  £4,500

 double portrait

from  £7,500

 large full-figure portrait

from  £9,000

Portraits including particularly complex clothing or backgrounds will carry an additional fee as the estimated hours will inevitably be more.  


Beginning the Painting & Initial Payment


An initial payment equal to 30% of the total fee will be required to secure the commission and then I can order the canvas and begin working on the portrait.  I will also give you an estimated completion date (for example, a small portrait can take about two months to complete).


Completion of the Painting & Final Payment


The remaining 70% of the fee will be due upon delivery / collection of the portrait.



Note: The exact composition and look of the painting will only emerge as part of the creative process and, although I will endeavour to keep all suggestions in mind, my priority will be in responding artistically to the subject and making a visually successful painting.  In other words, be open for a unique painting that will bring conversation for many years to come!